Saturday, 27 October 2012

10th August 12 Eiffel Peak near Moraine Lake

This was a rather nice scramble to the top of a mountain with great views- between Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. 
Moraine Lake in the morning as we set off. One of the most photographed lakes in Canada I guess!!

The hike up was in hot sunshine but it clouded over a bit near the summit. Here we are looking out to the valley of the ten peaks.

A pair of ravens kept a good eye on us- no doubt to see if we would leave any food out!

 Brian looking over to Temple Mountain and Sentinal Pass
 The 'scramble' to the top just involved clambering over some loose rock- there's lots of it in the Rockies! Here is martina on the summit, Temple in the background with some fresh snow on the summit. we climbed this one ten years ago in 2002.

The 'Eiffel tower' itself and over to Paradise Valley and Mt Aberdeen. It's grand up there.

 Brian standing on a sub summit of Eiffel peak and down to the valley of the ten peaks.

 Martina on the way down and the beautifuly coloured Moraine Lake in the distance

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